Sing to the glory of his name;
offer him glory and praise!
Psalm 66:2

Adult Choir
God has truely blessed the congregation of St. Michael's Church with members who serve their Lord through song.  The senior choir, directed by Mrs. Beverly Thaldorf, sings their praises during regular and special services.  One such special service is held the second Sunday in December as the choir sings of Jesus birth in a service of song.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir of St. Michael's Church is made up of elementary through middle school aged children.  In the choir the children experience the joy of praising God and learn proper techniques of singing.  The choir also provides the children a time to socialize and have fun with each other as they work toward a common goal.  Mrs. Beverly Thaldorf directs the Junior Choir.

The Junior Choir meets at 6:45 on Wednesdays.

Brass Choir

Throughout the Bible we can find many references to the use of musical instruments but none as diverse as in Psalm 150.  God has blessed St. Michael's Church with members who have the talents to play different instruments and they use their talents to praise the Lord in church.  Mr. Nathan Burmeister organizes rehearsals and gets the music ready for the musicians.   Along with the Brass Choir there are individuals who play woodwind, reed, string and percussion instruments.

Rehearsals are around the schedules of the individuals in each group.  For more information on joining the brass choir please contact Mr. Nathan Burmeister.