Ladies Aide Meeting Minutes
Jan 11, 2020
Meeting was called to order by President Wanda Putz. A devotion was given by Pastor Mann. Minutes from the December meeting were read by Jean Burmeister and approved.
Old Business:
* Having post funeral meals catered was discussed. Jean has fliers from the Steak Shoppe Catering. It will be left to the families to choose whether they want the meal to be catered, or bring their own food.
* New place mats- Marjean Conradt looked into different types on Amazon. Sample pics were shown. We discussed those vs having table runners that could be reversable.
* File Cabinet- Wanda has one. Emily Mayer brought up having a meeting to go through papers/files to decide what should be kept or disposed of.
* College student gift boxes- possible 6 or 7 students to be sent to.
* World Cup Coffee gift cards need to be put out for people to take and use.
* Ministry Fair at St. Michaels will be 2/23/20. Trifold boards will be prepared on Ladies Aid and SWMS. Finger foods to be brought. Committee needs to be set up.
* Mission Student- Our mission student this year is Gideon Kroll. He is from Eau Claire, MI. He will be sent a gift card with his student box.
*Thank you letter from the Synod was read for our donation to the Relief Fund.
* Mission Project for January- $50.00 to be given to the Ft. City Fire Dept. and $200.00 to be given towards the parsonage remodel.
* Spring Rally will be in April.
A motion was made to adjourn, Pastor Mann closed with a prayer. Next meeting will be Feb. 8th at 9 a.m.